What is "Acro-Paragliding"

"Acro Paragliding" – aero-acrobatic paragliding manoeuvres and stunt flying; heart stopping tricks such as helicopters, wing-overs, synchro spirals, infinity tumbles, and so on. All of which are rarely to be found in a typical paragleider’s repetoir.

Special training, a high level of physical fitness and absloute control over the glider are all essential, with many (if not all) of the manoeuvers involving exact timing and requiring extreme concentration on the part of the pilot .Training and competitions, for safety reasons, take place over a lake, with a life-jacket and safety-chute being obligatory – quite a few of the professional pilots fly with 2 safety chutes (you can’t be too careful!). A fast boat is also usually on stand-by.

Attempting any Acro-Paragliding manoevers without a very good prior flying knowledge and discussions with experienced pilots is, due to the extreme and exacting requirements of both pilot and equiptment, not recommended.

What is "Synchro-Paragliding"

Solo Acro-Paragliding is hard enough: doing it with a partner takes it onto a whole new level of complexity, excitement and danger. With Syncro-Paragliding, perfect timing and the parrallel execution of seamlessly flowing, breathtaking sequences is where it’s at.

The byword for a successful Synchro programme is communication. Every last detail needs to be rigorously worked through beforehand. And as well as the concentration involved in your own manoeuvres, you have to keep you eyes on exactly what your partner is doing. Because of the speed and proximity that you’re travelling at you also need to make contingency plans for every eventuality. Planning is paramount, there is no room for error.

It really is all about training, trust, staying on the ball with the newest paragliding technologies and building up a relationship with your partner.

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